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At Helix Foundation Systems we create helical screw piles specifically designed for your project. We manufacture our products locally in Prince George, which means no wait time for shipping. Our engineering team works with us to develop the best strategy for your project. Taking into consideration soil composition, depth of frost point and much more! 




Screw Pile Applications

  • Underpinning, foundation lifting, and leveling of sinking structures 
  • Modular homes
  • Manufactured home
  • Sun-decks / porches 
  • Stairs and board walks
  • Hot tubs
  • Foundation repairs 
  • Pole barns 
  • Shops
  • Fences/ gates


Commercial / Industrial


    • Underpinning, foundation lifting, and leveling of sinking structures 
    • Camp trailers
    • Lean twos
    • Fabric buildings
    • Sign bases 
    • Tank supports
    • Offices
    • Containers
    • Steel and pipe racks
    • Temporary foundations
    • Concrete and slab support




    • Our pillar designs are stamped with our third party engineering firm. 
    • Welding performed by certified welders
    • Computerized Torque monitoring equipment is used to calculate torque to a 99% accuracy for the engineers load torque requirements. 
    • Schedule B and CB is provided to any city/town municipality that is requiring building permits for your project.


Other services


    • Install power poll, trenching for communication lines and tech cable 
    • Complete electrical services
    • Complete underground plumbing. i.e. sewer and water ties runs
    • Septic system design and installation 
    • Custom fabrication for difficult structure correction
    • Site prep and light clearing of land. i.e. gravel work, grading trenching, bush clearing, driveway installation